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Training people
to work together

Collaboration and creativity are skills you can teach and learn. 

Game Captains Training is a creative training company founded by Suvi Koivusalo. She helps organizations unleash their full innovation potential and enhance effective communication and collaboration skills through interactive games and applied improvisation techniques. Suvi leads her workshops both on-site and virtually.

Training Program

Collaboration First! is a collaboration and communication skills program consisting of 5 to 10 hands-on training sessions designed for groups of people wanting to succeed as a team. 
You will practice specific skills hands-on which will make any team work better together.

Independent Workshops

Independent Workshops are half-day or full-day participatory sessions providing tools for improved collaboration, creativity, and connection. Regardless of the chosen workshop theme, team members will walk away with greater communication skills, an increased level of comfortability with colleagues and a heightened sense of creativity.

Working with the best clients and partners

"Suvi always came in with a positive attitude and bundles of energy and made sure everyone in the room felt supported and happy."

- Anna Nolan, Supporting Producer, Apple Inc.

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