Game Captains is a London and Helsinki based creative training company founded by Suvi Koivusalo. She helps organizations unleash their full innovation potential and enhance effective communication skills through interactive games and applied improvisation techniques. 

Good interaction skills and ability to find comfort in the unknown are crucial for anyone wanting to make any difference in this world.


I believe everything boils down to interaction skills, creativity, and finding a connection. Whether it's about building a successful team, meeting prospective clients or delivering a compelling pitch for a full house of investors, you want to be able to connect with people in a genuine way.

Networking, leadership, and organizational culture all stem from the same skill of connecting with oneself and one another.  

As human beings, we are creative by nature. Sometimes we tend to tell ourselves that "my idea isn't worth mentioning" or "I'm not in a position to say anything". And that's when we need a little nudge to cultivate

confidence and our inborn creativity. I'm here to help with that. And what amazing ideas and innovations occur! With the right tools, any team can find a whole new level of commitment, trust, and creativity within. 

My own path has traveled through marketing and communication teams, through improvisation and immersive theatre, and through years of TV and stage presenting. I've got a post-grad in International Business Communications and I'm a professional actor.


With Game Captains Training, I'm combining everything I know to help others unleash their creative self, communicate passionately and responsibly and make wonders happen.