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Käenkuja 3A, 5 krs.

00500 Helsinki

Training people to work together better.

Collaboration and creativity are skills you can teach and learn. 

Game Captains Training is a creative training company founded by Suvi Koivusalo. She helps organizations unleash their full innovation potential and enhance effective communication and collaboration skills through interactive games and applied improvisation techniques. 

"Leaders trying to create collaborative cultures tend to focus on instilling the right values or designing the right space. They overlook the fact that collaboration requires certain skills."

- Harvard Business Review 11-12/19, Professor F. Gino

Independent workshops deliver important insights

Independent Workshops are half-day or full-day sessions tailored based on your needs. They are designed to enhance specific skills while simultaneously boosting collaboration within a team or organization. You can pick and mix one or two different themes ranging from creativity skills to non-verbal communication and from video conferencing skills to storytelling. 

Collaboration First! program for teams of the future

Collaboration First! is a program consisting of 10 hands-on training sessions designed for teams of the future. Now, more than ever, we need to work together and do it better. The program develops teams' collaboration and creativity skills and gives you measurable data on that change. This program is the solution to instilling collaborative values as real-life behavior. 

"Change happens from within"

Game Captains Training was founded by Suvi Koivusalo. "I believe good interaction and collaboration skills, and the ability to find comfort in the unknown are crucial for anyone wanting to make any difference in this world. I found my calling in organizational development and applied improvisation because it combines all of my skills."

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