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Collaboration, Creativity & Connection


GAME CAPTAINS workshops are game-based interactive sessions.

Suvi-Kanerva uses applied improvisation techniques as the foundation for teaching creativity, collaboration and co-creation, communication, and presentation skills.
All workshops are available on-site or virtually. 

With improvisation, you can build a workplace where people take responsibility for their own communication, embrace uncertainty and are ready to voice ideas without excessive self-judgment or fear of being wrong. 

The workshops revolve around being present in the moment, letting go of mistakes and unleashing powerful creativity in each human being.

"I'm passionate about human connection.  We all want to be seen, heard and loved. And with that in mind, I run my workshops."
Collaboration First! 

Training Program for Teams of the Future

Collaboration First! is a collaboration and communication skills program consisting of 10 hands-on training sessions designed for teams of the future. Your team will practice specific skills that are crucial for any successful team willing to work together better:

  • effective communication

  • genuine active listening

  • problem-solving

  • storytelling and presenting ideas

  • creativity and co-creation

  • embracing uncertainty 

  • creating psychological safety

  • leading and following

These are all vital skills of today and the future. As artificial intelligence and technological disruptions take more space at workplaces, we need to concentrate on the human skills that technology can't replace. Now, more than ever, we need to work together and do it better.


Collaboration First! teaches these skills hands-on by using a variety of explorative games and participatory exercises. The training techniques are based on applied improvisation and solution-focused coaching. 

On top of having your team develop the most important skills of the future, the program gives you measurable data on the change. 

Independent Workshops

Customized stand-alone workshops for teams and organizations

Independent Workshops are half-day or full-day sessions providing tools for improved collaboration, creativity, and connection.  

The workshops are tailored for each team and organization based on your needs. Pick and mix one or two themes from the following options: 

  • creativity and co-creation 

  • effective communication and active listening 

  • storytelling

  • presentation skills

  • body language and non-verbal communication

  • team building and psychological safety

  • video conferencing and virtual presentations 

  • multi-cultural teams

Workshops are highly participatory and interactive by nature. Regardless of the chosen workshop theme, team members will walk away with greater communication skills, an increased level of comfortability with colleagues and a heightened sense of creativity.


These workshops are great for introducing new team members or two different teams to each other while learning important collaboration and communication skills. All the independent workshops are also available for remote teams.

Don't hesitate to ask for more information and inquire for a more detailed description of each theme.