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Suvi’s team building workshop was fun and energetic yet professional. I enjoyed seeing my colleagues laugh and have fun while getting to know each other through interactive games. Also concrete tips on body language when presenting were great.

Lauri Putkinen, Agency Lead - UK/I, London


Suvi always came in with a positive attitude and bundles of energy and made sure everyone in the room felt supported and happy. Her experience in the studio always shone through and I felt very happy in the knowledge that the end result would be the best it could be with Suvi as the coach.

Anna Nolan, Supporting Producer

Apple Inc., London

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You can easily implement the tips from the workshop and they were even personalised to our role and difficulties. Interactive things are my worst nightmare but you made it easy and comfortable to join in.

Mollie Birchall, Digital Specialist

Precis Digital, London

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The participants found the workshops extremely useful in terms of learning more about themselves and others. Suvi has a very refreshing and cheerful way of making self-exploration and skill acquisition effective and fun.

Hanna Smorodinzeff, COO

The Shortcut, Helsinki

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"All the activities were helpful and Suvi's energy was awesome! Adding on ideas really gets you somewhere. It's magical!"

Aileen Hoe, Director

English Champ, Kuala Lumpur


Suvi has a way of making people feel very comfortable and relaxed with each other which allows everyone to throw themselves into the workshop. It was great to see our guests enjoy the interactive exercises and gain a new perspective.

Emma Jalonen, General Manager

Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce, London

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Osanottajat oppivat todella paljon siitä, miten omalla elekielellään voi vaikuttaa muihin ja toisaalta miten haastavaa oman elekielen muuttaminen voi olla. Koulutettaville lähti mukaan myös hyvin konkreettisia vinkkejä vietäväksi työpaikalle, erityisesti juuri asiakaskohtaamisiin.

Marianne Kuusijärvi, Koulutuskordinaattori

JCI Amanda, Helsinki


I was impressed by your different approach in conducting a workshop with the arrangements and different type of exercises. It was definitely a refreshing concept.

Hanna Rafflee, Community Manager

WORQ, Kuala Lumpur

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