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Käenkuja 3A, 5 krs.

00500 Helsinki

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I'm an international business trainer and entrepreneur who believes that more listening and less talk makes wonders happen. And this comes from an extrovert who had to learn to quiet herself down.

Collaboration and creativity are skills that can be practiced and learned. We're all given different strengths and while diversity is vital in every team, we still need to work well together to make any difference.


A big Google research summarized that the most successful teams are not the ones built with specific personality types, talent or backgrounds. It's the teams who work well together that thrive. The "who" doesn't matter as much as how the team members interact with one another. 

To get the best results in teaching collaboration, communication, and creativity skills, I use applied improvisation as the method.

My own background is a combination of the business world and the arts. I hold a post-grad in International Business Communications and I'm very interested in organizational development and culture in general. 

While being a business trainer, I also occasionally work as a professional actor and improviser.