Game Captains workshops are game-based interactive sessions. Suvi uses applied improvisation techniques as the foundation for teaching creativity, co-creation, communication, and presentation skills. 

With improvisation, you can build a workplace where people take responsibility for their own communication, embrace uncertainty and are ready to voice ideas without excessive self-judgment or fear of being wrong. 

The workshops evolve around being present in the moment, letting go of mistakes and unleashing powerful creativity in each human being.

"I'm passionate about human connection.  We all want to be seen, heard and loved. And with that in mind, I run my workshops."


Learn to think on your feet and build on each others’ ideas while letting go of unnecessary self-judgment. Participate in interactive exercises and group activities aimed to enhance presence, listening skills, and comfortability in the unknown. Embrace risk-taking and explore your endless imagination in supportive atmosphere. You will walk away with greater communication skills, a higher level of comfortability with colleagues and a heightened sense of creativity.